Sires UsedDawn Bowman

Mr Bow K 304A – Purebred Gelbvieh


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We are very excited about 304A’s progeny!  His second calf crop –  both bulls and heifers are meeting and exceeding our expectations.  With added thickness, this homozygous black and hetrozygous polled herdsire has a powerful Genomic Enhanced EPD package!  Out of a perfect uddered dam that Bow K Ranch raised, whose calves come small and wean above average.  She is a Dam of Merit.  Many of his daughters we are keeping for replacements in our herd.

Mr Bow K 220Z – 75% Gelbvieh Balancer

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Excellent calving ease and growth in this black, polled, thick herdsire.  A 75% Gelbvieh Balancer that is easy going and an Igenity score that indicates a 9 for tenderness.  His sons were well received in the “Pot of Gold”  Bull Sale.

The bull pictured is a son of 220Z.

Other Sires Used

For the 2017 calf crop, we have utilized Mr. Bow K 304A  plus the following A.I. sires:

Red Gelbvieh

Oscar – good calving ease and growth in this homozygous polled 88% purebred bull.

Black Gelbvieh

Mr Impact Z204 – a 7/8 purebred that has good calving ease with growth. Homozygous black and homozygous polled.   (Sire is Black Impact 3960N – Gelbvieh)

High Definition – a polled purebred performance bull with excellent phenotype that we are using on our Sam daughters. Homozygous black and homozygous polled.   (Sire is Bennett Kingpin – Gelbvieh)

Traction (#1218825) –  purebred heterozygous black, homozygous polled Gelbvieh bull with excellent birth to growth numbers and the right phenotype.  He’s also an outcross to many Gelbvieh genetics.

Granite Yale – a homozygous black, homozygous polled purebred with good maternal strength and phenotype.

Mr. Bow K 541C – a heterozygous black, homozyous polled bull out of Mr. Bow K 304A with excellent calving ease.

Black Balancer®

KCF Bennett Y6 – a 25% Gelbvieh bull that is homozygous black, homozygous polled with excellent calving ease, carcass, and growth.  (Sire is Absolute – Angus)

Bennett B29 – a 50% Gelbvieh with excellent growth and carcass and is homozygous black and homozygous polled.  (Sire is Bennett Dynasty Y158 – Balancer)

BTBR Nevada 1170Y – homozygous black and homozygous polled bull with good calving ease and carcass traits and is 50% Gelbvieh.  (Sire is Final Objective – Angus)

Watchman – a 50% Gelbvieh that is homozygous black, homozygous polled with excellent birth weight, growth, carcass, and feed efficiency.  (Sire is Scout 553 – Angus)

Mr. Bow K 406B – a 38% Gelbvieh, homozygous black and homozygous polled, with above average calving ease and growth.  Tenderness of 10!  (Sire is Hoover Dam – Angus)

Loveless 936C Sandhill – a homozygous polled, heterozygous black, 50% Gelbvieh with good calving ease, growth, and carcass.  (Sire is CTR Sandhills 0065X – Balancer)

Iron Horse – a 75% Gelbvieh, with good performance and carcass traits plus he is homozygous black and homozygous polled.  (Sire is Crazy Horse 138P – Gelbvieh)


Absolute and 10X met our criteria for calving ease, growth, docility, and carcass traits.